Q: How much do you charge?

A: This isn't an easy question to answer right off the bat. Similar to buying a pair of shoes, there's different varieties of design work available at almost every price - from the $40 pair of running shoes to the $15,000 pair of handmade Italian oxfords. I price my work after finding out as much as possible about the goals and parameters of the project. The estimate will reflect the time, resources, and expertise I'll be putting into it.

Q: I need work done for a specific medium, but you don't have anything like it in your portfolio.

A: Just ask! I'm well versed in print, packaging, and interactive design. The stuff I put in my portfolio is the work I enjoy doing most, and hope to attract more of. I am, however, capable of tackling design-related jobs of any kind. I've taken on billboards, websites, album packaging, sew-on patches, cardboard standees, apps, and more.

Q: Do you require an up-front deposit to begin projects?

A: Yes of course.

Q: What's the difference between lettering and typography?

A: Lettering is the practice of drawing letters by hand. Most of my hand-lettered logos are completely original in style and concept and not derived from fonts. Typography is the application of typefaces (fonts) in visual design. Both practices require extreme attention to detail.

Q: Do I need to worry about buying fonts, or if the images used in my project are copyrighted?

A: Nope. I purchase licenses for any and all fonts I use in my work, and do not use copyrighted photos or illustrations. What I give you will be 100% unique and legally yours.

Q: Can you fix a few things with my website?

A: Sorry, web development and maintenance is something I've decided to no longer offer. I do know some great programmers though. Shoot me an email and I'll introduce you to them.